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2012-03-04 Pockie Ninja anniversary announcements. 2012-02-21 Pockie Ninja preparing for birthday cele. 2012-05-31 S3-8 Merge at June 5. 2012-05-30 Result of "Tribute to Our Ninjas". 2012-05-29 Scheduled Server Maintenance. 2012-05-24 About Choosing the Rewards of White-bear. 2012-05-22 Scheduled Server Maintenance.

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 · Details: Players who transfer 200 gold or more to Pockie Ninja will receive a bonus equivalent of 10% gold and 10% gift coupons. The more gold you transfer, the more bonuses you unlock. Additionally, if you purchase Gold Treasure Jars, Diamond Treasure Jars and Luxury Treasure Jars during the event, you could win a new outfit!

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2. Equipment Compound By contrast with the equipment forging, equipment compounding seems to be a bit more fun because the result of equipment compounding is much more difficult to predict. By using the equipment compounding function, players may gain …

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Questions and Answers for Pockie Ninja. Home. We have 105 questions and 402 Pockie Ninja answers. Scroll down to see all of the Q&A, or use the box below to add your own. Have a question for Pockie Ninja? Please check the unanswered questions to see if you can help answer them.

Pockie Ninja Source: Return of the Jounin Event.

 · With the release of Pockie Ninja new chapter, we''ve planned a special project for those secluded jounin in order to raise the level and power of the whole ninja world. It''s time to call on everybody to protect our family! ... Gold Equipment Chest7 (Redeem 6 times at most) 10. Luxury Pet Box*1 (Redeem 2 times at most) 12.

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 · /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- NGames has put out a call for their strongest ninja, launching a series of limited time challenges and special offers to mark the...

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 · The Pockie Ninja Wikia is a Wikia designed to cover everything there is to know about the game, Pockie Ninja. This wiki is a fan created site, which means anyone is free to edit in order to improve the content. ... Dark Gold Bloodline Collection*500, Craftsman Talisman*5, Special Equipment Synthesis Scroll*2, Super Purify Stone, etc.

Pockie Ninja Early Leveling, Gold, Stones and Coupon Guide ...

 · Gold Spending and Earning Tips. Gold comes from purchasing Golden Beans from the Charge Panel. 1 Golden Bean is equivalent to 20 Gold in Pockie Ninja. Spending Gold effectively is VERY risky. My data on this is slightly limited, but I have had extremely good luck with my efforts so far.

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Pockie Ninja''s brand new Challenge Zone has arrived! To celebrate, NGames have announced 3 special tournaments starting August 25th, with prizes up

Guide to PUNISHERS build | Pockie Ninja

 · Pockie Ninja,Free Web Games8 s# B. |9 `5 b'' Y5 z. To Free / Lesser Gold Users. The punisher is an expensive build to play relying heavily on high inscripted/enhanced gears to achieve maximised defence/hp values, to allow for offensive stats/gems. Also since it has uses such a wide variety of stats, there are also high refining costs.


 · Rolling out this Wednesday, Dec 7th, Chapter 6 will introduce a new game-wide Card System that allows players of Pockie Ninja to collect and …

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 · Pockie Ninja Armory Guide by Tsunashi. Okay guys, I''m gonna talk about Armory, most of you seen it in Close Beta. ... an enchantment talisman in it,There''s a range of Level 1 ~ Level 8 Enchantment Talisman or you could use Coupons / Gold for it costs 8 Coupons/Gold. ... Refining basiclly means refining your equipment.For example your ...


pockie ninja gold equipment chest. ninjxkita European War 4 Napoleon Hack – enginehacksreview. Several stages utilize stunning graphical effects For example, the seqson water in Atlantis shrine, the Tower of Piza as the entire stage sways and rotates, and the shape shifting cogwheel-built boss of the German factory it looks 3D!

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 · Even Pockie Ninja has collection quests, or fight X number enemies quests. As a result, they added a feature that allows you to fight multiple enemies, called a "chain fight." Where instead of watching the fights, you just get a ticking clock as fights happen in the background. You can pay gold to get these fights out of the way instantly.

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 · This guide the formula following items: Equipment [syn-01] Outfit [syn-02] Item [syn-03] Pet [syn-04] Before we get started, there are few basic things you have to take note of: 0s = items with synthesis value of 21 and below; 1s = items with synthesis value between 22 to 30; 2s = items with synthesis value between 31 to 38;

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 · Pockie ninja Seal Breaker – facebook, pc, mmorpg. Pockie ninja How To Get Seal Breaker. now Seal Breaker only can buy on Mystery merchent for 2 gold, but if you VIP member you can buy it for 1 gold, … »More detailed

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Ninja will get free growth items for the Ninpo Scroll system. Old players will get a special set of Ninja equipment along with all other benefits. New players in the new server will get abundant rewards like a 15-time sign-in card, claiming rewards for free for 15 days, free Ninja equipment and so on.


Pockie Ninja is a revolutionary anime-inspired webgame licate images, plentiful quests, unique play mode and original system plus no download requirement will bring you a joyful game experience. Pockie Ninja Game- A Showdown between Naruto and Bleach!

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Pockie Ninja II social is a fun facebook game with many great features. Missions Gems Skills Altars Equipment here is where you can recruit ninja''s and where you can find all info about each one of them. Ninja School Ninja Saga Prize Ninja

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Pockie Ninja II Social is an Action, Massively Multiplayer Online, and Browser-based video game developed by Game321. The game combines the city-building and battle elements and lets you create a unique ninja world. There are up to eighty-four ninjas from Naruto and you …

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 · Pockie Ninja Equipment Synthesis Guide by Setry List of Equipments: Types and Levels... ----- Main Item + Catalyst + Catalyst = Result Weapon Range Level +

Synthesis Recipes

2 Stat blue Equip 1S + 1S + 1S = 2S (40%) 1S + 1S + 1.6x EXP Mark = 2S (60%) 1S + 1S + 2S = 2S (70%) 2S + 1S + 1S = 2S (99%) 2S + 2S + 2S = 2S (80%) 3 …

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 · Gold Spending and Earning Tips. Gold comes from purchasing Golden Beans from the Charge Panel. 1 Golden Bean is equivalent to 20 Gold in Pockie Ninja. Spending Gold effectively is VERY risky. My data on this is slightly limited, but I have had extremely good luck with my efforts so far. I purchased 200 Gold to start.

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Pockie Ninja Hitting Open Beta

 · Pockie Ninja Hitting Open Beta. HANGZHOU, China, March 25, 2011 /PRNewswire-Asia/ -- NGames have announced that Pockie Ninja, their latest MMO brawler inspired by Naruto and Bleach, is entering an ...

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pockie ninja social melhor f& 243;rmula. pockie ninja gold equipmentminingbmw. Working pockie ninja 2 social hack is now live and dominating get pockie ninja 2 social hack tool and use it for free gold ryu and cd keys Pockie Ninja Game ReviewMMOHutsFree Online Overview Pockie Ninja Overview Pockie Ninja is a free-to-play browser based brawler MMORPG that features characters identical ...

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2013-03-19 Pockie Ninja: $10000 Packs strike back, 2013-03-19 50% off to Anniversary Packs in Shop. 2013-03-19 Happy Birthday, Pockie Ninja! 2013-03-13 Pockie Ninja 2nd Anniversary Package Upd. 2013-03-12 "Crush On Ninja"—Second Year Anniversa. 2013-03-07 Consumption Day of Urahara Shop.

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Black Market allows you to buy items, ninja, and spiritual beasts for less then they were originally priced. During the event you can buy items, ninjas, and pets for a small portion of their original price. You get a free refresh every 12 hours for a attempt to get new page with «Hot items» on it. If you want to refresh more then once every 12 hours you can purchase refreshes for 20 gold ...


NinjaWars. 1,856 likes · 1 talking about this. Разработчик Dream Network и компания-издатель iPoint представляют официальную русскую версию онлайн игры Pockie Ninja с российским названием - Ninja Wars